Phoenix Children’s photographer

Last week I had to fly back East to be with my Mom because we just found out she had stomach cancer and needed surgery right away. I was blessed to be able to take 1 afternoon and photograph my nieces and nephew one beautiful autumn afternoon in Pittsburgh, Pa.

My beautiful little niece Miss M. is 3.5 years old. I loved spending time with her while I was there. I totally forgot how Pittsburghers are. Everyone I mean every single person I spoke to there young and old, smiled and talk to you in a pleasant happy tone. I loved being back home and miss it all the time living close to my family. I have such a hard time living across the country. If only we were at least in driving distance so I could see my nieces and nephew grow up. I grew up in a fairly big family where every holiday or birthday was celebrated with the whole family. I miss all those special times of having big events. I was very blessed to grow up around both sets of my Grandparents who almost all my cousins and Aunts and Uncles lived at least 20 minutes away. Moving across the country to other states has been fun and I have learned so many things living in first in Los Angeles then moving to Arizona. As I am getting older though I am seeing things in such a different light. Realizing what is the most important in life and how fast it goes. Spending quality time with family is one of the most valuable cherished gifts you can keep and give them in life. After watching my Mom go through quadruple bypass almost 1.8 years ago and now cancer of the stomach, it’s made me appreciate my family so much more.

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