Expectation of your session

Remember though photography is all about capturing that emotion at the time. So part of how children and babies act and behave is not always their happy easy side. Children can really be tough to get what parents want and except out of them for photo sessions. But you can’t make your child be or do something they aren’t feeling at the time. . Children are run more by their emotions. That is part of why I love working with kids cause they are naturally just who they are. I love candid photos because it shows the children and how alive their soul is.

You just have to love the photos for who your child or Grandchild did during the session because really there is nothing you can do other than reschedule. But even if you do that who’s to say that the child is going to be the happy you want them to be the next time.
So what I say is just let the child do what they are going to do and let me try and capture what I can during that time you hire me for. Relax and enjoy the session because the more you try and force it to be something that it isn’t the more unhappy you will become about it.

My point in writing this that I want to make sure every parent is happy with what they get. I have people take my kids photos and all I care about is that they are in there. I have no expectations.

  • Jennifer Boston - August 1, 2010 - 4:06 pm

    EXCELLENT advice!!!

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