Before & After Beauty/Glamor Portraits

Are you a Mom who is home in your sweats and a ponytail a lot of the time?

Would you like classy beautiful portraits to give your husband as a gift ?

Wouldn’t you love to get away from the kids and have an afternoon or a few hours just for you?


I am giving these packages away for ($200 off my normal hour price)  limited time only!!!!

Mom’s, wives, you deserve some time to yourself alone, quiet relaxing and stress free no kids zone!

I am now offering a special gift to you. I am going to hire a makeup artist and hair stylist, after your all spruced up and gorgeous. You will be able to get your portraits taken. I will be offering these from time to time. This is a wonderful gift for your husband to give you if your a Mom who is constantly taking care of your kids and your time is limited for you!

Hair wasn’t done in these photos ONLY Makeup! If you book with me you will get your hair and makeup done! I haven’t decided about who I which makeup artist I am using for future boudoir or beauty sessions yet. I will post more once I get this end of my work going. Beauty/Glamor sessions aren’t like boudoir they are similar to the ones below, closeups of your face, head shots, full body. Boudoir are you done in a classy, sexy way. I am not getting into anything that looks over the top or showing too much. It’s going to be done elegantly and with high class. These are a great gift for your husband as a present. We can either do them in a hotel room or I might rent out a studio space in Scottsdale.

I have always been drawn to fashion photography since I was young. There is something amazing about it, I would love to come to that level someday. If you know models that need work for their portfolio I would love to practice on them! Contact

Mom’s, brides for a wedding gift, classy boudoir (nothing trashy) only elegant.

The amazing makeup work is done by Brianne Geiger from

Cashmere Haven Makeup Artistry - Mesa, AZ

Cashmere Haven Makeup Artistry (her facebook business wall)


If my pictures aren’t showing up now it’s because a lot of people are looking at them at once, I need to change hosting accounts I just found out. Company can’t handle it. Sorry please come back!


This is Nicole, she is a Mom with of a 2 year old. She told me so was so happy with these pictures because she is at home a ton and wears sweats. This made her feel so great

just to see herself look gorgeous the way she is. It made my weekend to hear her say this. Brianne’s work was just wonderful and I am so happy we were able to work together on these woman.

Doesn’t Nicole remind you of Cindy Crawford in the picture on the right? She just has that same look! Nicole was very natural in front of the camera, followed direction easily, her movement was so fun to work with because she has a talent. There are some woman who are born with this, I can’t explain it in words but when they are in front of the camera you can just know they have it. I love working with woman like this, if you are similar contact me I would love to practice or work with you!



I am offering these photos at a low cost right now since it’s a new chapter in my business: prices beauty portraits

These were done outside but we could do your after inside or outside.

This woman has been specializing in this type of photography only for 20+ yrs. This is my goal to get here:: Before and after

More coming, I am still editing over here!~


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