Letter from Whitney’s parents

Photographers this post is for you:

I wanted to post a piece of this email from baby Whitney’s parents wrote to be because I want other photographer’s to see how important their work truly is. Our work is much more meaningful than we think it is. My work was getting hitting a rough dry spot where I was getting a little should I say bored or unchallenged. In a way that I didn’t feel as though it meant something. Now I have a whole new look on what the meaning behind the image is.  I loved that I was able to give something because most of my life I am too busy taking care of my work and family. It was worth every moment.
After doing these photos for this family my whole perspective on photography has changed. It means a ton because we all never know when our time is up. I have seen too many people come and go out of my life at an early age since I 14. Growing up in high school every year I had a friend of family member that was close to me die. I had 500 students in my class at NA so the statistics are higher for it to happen. The point is is that I cherish life.   I always say I love you when saying goodbye.

A couple before and after photos. I tried to take a little bit off for them. I want to try to take more off.

If you are a photographer and would like to work with NICU babies here is a great website I found:http://www.picturesofhopefoundation.org/

Here is a website for babies I think who have passed away:http://www.nowilaymedowntosleep.org/

I am going to look into working with them more in the Fall.

Here is a piece of their sweet letter

Words cannot fully describe the gratitude we wish we express to you.  Your photography is absolutely breath taking and now we’ll be able to cherish these wonderful moments with Whitney forever thanks to you. We were just blown away by how well you could photoshop edit the pictures, especially the first ones ones.  It’s really nice to have one that takes out all the monitors and unsighly bandages as it makes Whitney look more at peace and more comfortable.  That is one of Alicia’s favorites and one of mine too.

If for any reason we cannot be with Whitney for a lifetime, it will be your photos without a doubt that will honor her memory in our family room and help bring us peace. Your gift to us will never be forgotten.

Here is baby Whitney:http://blog.lesliestyler.com

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