Ballesteros { Gilbert Family Photographer}

I met this family last weekend for a beautiful morning outdoor session in Gilbert, AZ. They were referred to me from a past loyal client of mine Leslie  S. She is a sweetheart. Her and Erica the boys Mom in the photos work together. Erica works in the HR department right near Leslie. I love when my clients refer me more than anything because it makes me feel they are truly happy with what they are paying for.  I love that they are so happy they can’t wait to show off their photos to all their family and friends. Please show them off people as much as you can because you will be rewarded back with a discount off your next session and you are helping grow my business.
I hope you enjoy seeing these adorable little faces and beautiful family as much as I did. They were super laid back and easy to take photos of. I had a nice time working with them watching the family hang out. At one point they were letting their toddler Mr. Diego (I had to say that cause every kid loves his name) feed the ducks. The is so cute you just want to squeeze his cute little cheeks.

Look at those big innocent eyes, oh man their children so are beautiful

Look at cute Little Mr. D is !

I couldn’t decide between the color and black and white to post. So I chose both!

I love this photo, that little baby M. is unbelievably adorable. I was so happy to finally get a glance of his smile cause it was beautiful.

Now is this a beautiful family or what?

Tiny feet, they only last a short time in our lives

How adorable is this face  and that lip. My 3 yr old is sitting on my lap and say, ” oh man, that baby’s sad”

I love this one!

this is another favorite, hehe

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