Photography/ Photoshop workshop/class covering basics {Gilbert Photography Arizona}

Do you own a SLR camera?

Are you interested in learning how to get better images of your child or Grandchild?

I am thinking about giving a photoshop and photography workshop  on how to edit at my new home in Gilbert. It’s just a thought because I have had at least 5-10  people (and more people keep emailing) asking me about how I do my work flow  and lighting. I would love to show everyone so I thought this would be a fun way to do it. I thought a small class of 5 or so people at a time would be fun and more hands on.. There is nothing better than learning hands on where it’s a small environment and you can ask questions and work together. I can go around and work with you to help you achieve beautiful photos and learn faster.

The business

I am thinking maybe around September starting the class, I need to get the information together and organized before hand.

Basics it the classes will cover

  • Photoshop:
  • editing eyes
  • editing skin (an airbrush effect) taking out blemishes, scars, dark circles under eyes
  • whitening teeth
  • brightening up lips
  • making the eyes POP out
  • making your images POP, instead of being too boring.
  • enhancing the hue and saturation in your photos.
  • Editing using Photoshop or photoshop Elements
  • Exposure, editing lighting, color, skin airbrushing technique fixing blemishes etc.
  • Manual camera settings: ISO, aperture
  • lighting basics with getting the perfect exposure, which lens to buy.

Contact me if your interested at

If your a photographer interested in working with me to split the money and teach people, email me and we can talk about it.

If you are thinking about becoming a Professional Photographer, first I just want to warn you as did another photographer  warned me  or should I say prepare you. But I am thankful and been having a wonderful great time doing it. I taught myself and so can you!!

The 1st class might cost $50 for 1 class and I will probably be teaching photoshop first since that is what everyone is wanting to learn the most.The next classes might go up to $75 each class. I haven’t decided the prices yet.

The money you make the first few years has to go right back into your business. You need thousands and thousands of dollars in equipment, camera, lenses, memory cards,  insurance to protect it, things for your business such as cards, stamps, business cards, office supplies in general, gas money to and from sessions, advertising, a good card that will drive an hour at least each, books, DVD’s,  workshops, classes, computer ($1000-#2000), good office chair & desk,  extra hard drives for storage, good camera bag, flash,  printer to print business forms, money to pay your taxes (save up and don’t forget) money to pay your tax account, software (Photoshop, Lightroom, at the very least. I also use Quickbooks, and Excel for my business.

Time- prepare to spend a ton of time advertising, blogging, editing, emails, ordering prints, learning all for your business. Being a stay at home Mom and working from home may seem like a dream but it is the most challenging. The reason being is that you can’t just leave work and leave your work there. You always have more and more work to do. Your kids constantly need attending to so trying to get work done during the day is almost impossible. Most of the time I do it after they are in bed and lately with 2 kids (one a baby) I am up till 1-2 a.m. editing. I wanted to tell give you a little heads up on how much is involved. It is super fun and LOVE what I do. You will too once you learn it more.

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