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I was sick last year for 6 months with Mono. I ended up getting better because rest is what causes you get get better. I got Mono the first time because my daughter had colic from 1-4am every single night for months. I had to stay up and walk her around, was working full time and basically my body broke down it’s immune system. Then the fall came after she got over her colic and I was doing 3 times more sessions then normal. Then I took better care of myself for 6 months I was better in 2011. Then after another fall of doing 5xs more photo sessions than on average. Had insomnia for a few months couldn’t go to sleep before 1am for a few weeks. Then started feeling sick again, slowly tired then exhausted then a fever when I do anything physical. Since I have been feeling bad again. I tried taking a little time off work in March and April trying doing half the sessions thinking this would help. It didn’t’ and I am still sick. . I am hoping and praying this juice fast will help and restore my health and trying to go to bed early. Working too much and not giving your body what it needs is the worst thing you can do. I am trying to slowly take better care of myself. I admit it I love working it brings my joy to give my clients beautiful images

Being a Professional Photographer you need


1. drank green tea instead of dark

2. changed from having sugar in my tea to using Stevia it’s really great,

3. SLEEP- went to bed early, asleep by 10pm. If you get in bed by 9 and read, get yourself into a habit/routine your body becomes used to it.

4. At healthy- chicken, fish,  salads, fruit and only vegetables. Nothing else.

5. Took 4 walks for 30-45 minutes a week with my husband (which we always did till I got sick and was too tired to do it)


We watched the movie Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead last night on Netflix. We decided to do a 10 juice fast to get ourselves on the way to better health. You have to watch this movie if you haven’t already. I promise you it’s funny and you will truly benefit from it.

1. Joe’s book

2. The Eat-Clean Diet: Fast Fat-Loss that lasts Forever!

3. The Juicing Bible



Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead – Trailer

This guy teaches you instead of taking motrin for your joints try ginger and some other tips

Juicing video


Movie pass for it to watch online $1.99




The Gerson Therapy–  pain reliever

If you haven’t heard of Gerson Therapy, Dr. Gerson cured Cancer, migraines and chronic diseases. The reason why Dr’s can’t cure chronic diseases is because there are so many toxins built up and you need to get them out of your system. He uses juices and coffee enema’s plus other things. I started doing the coffee enema’s a few weeks ago when my health was so bad. I started eating healthy for just a week and I noticed a huge difference!!! Coffee enema sounds bad but honestly it was not painful, it didnt make me sick, no side effects. If you have ever done a normal water enema you know that in a few moments your whole body makes you feel sick like the flu. This does not.

How coffee enema’s were discovered (quoted from http://renegadehealth.com/)

World War I, at that time Germany was surrounded by the Allies and it was very difficult to get some of the tropical materials. Some of the things that we needed and yet all the time there were soldier being shot and having wounds and having to be attended by doctors and they needed painkillers and it was very difficult to get even a little bit so that during surgeries, the doctor had something to give the soldiers but when they got past the surgery and woke up in pain, there was nothing left. It had to go for the next patients and sometimes, the doctors even ordered water enemas but the nurses who were taking care of these young boys who were injured and had to have surgery and were in pain, they didn’t know what to do for them but there was always coffee available for the doctors because they often had to work 18 hours, 24 hours, 28 and 30 or more hours and they were kept awake by coffee but occasionally there was coffee leftover and the nurses thought “Well, the coffee is doing the doctors good, maybe it will help the patients.” So they poured some coffee into the enema buckets and the patients reported that it helped relieve their pain. Now that came to the ears of two doctors, researchers at the university in Germany of getting in and they researched what really would happen, they researched that on animals and they put caffeine into the rectum of animals and were amazed to find that this caffeine was absorbed through the portal system to the bile, the liver bile ducts and it opened them up, it released them and helped to release the accumulated poison from the liver, which relieves pain. And that’s what Dr. Gerson knew.

Healing the Gerson Way- book – I read this a few weeks ago and LOVED it! It’s a must read if you are sick or know someone who has been sick for a long time.

How Do Coffee Enemas Work  and how it detoxifies the liver



Testimonies that this worked:

Amazing 150lbs weight loss in 9 months.

Man was 325 before he started his fast lost 150lbs in 9 month


2. Guy Juice Fasting Before and After Day 30 | Jan 2010

3. Woman lost 50lbs in 6 months. She looks great!

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