D800 arrived! – Unedited picture SOOC

I thought I would post a couple photos straight out of my camera for some good friends who are wanting to see how clear the images look. This is my silly son, look at the clarity in his eyes. I am so loving this new camera. I could just shoot all day. Tomorrow I can’t wait to shoot with it. This has given me thrill. It reminds me of when I bought my 1st D300 I looked at the images just having pure happiness and love for photography. Buying new photography equipment can be a thrill. There are so many great lenses I can’t wait to get my hands on next!

I can’t wait to use this camera for my upcoming clients. The next few months till end of July I am booked. But if your interested in a portrait session for your baby, newborn or family email me to see if their are any available dates opens. From time to time a baby is born early or late.

You should see these images blown up they are 32 megapixel, my old camera was 12. The net or Facebook doesn’t show how clear these are, you have to see them for yourself blown up..

1st one ISO 2000 (isn’t that just sick! hehe)

ISO 640 (can you believe that? )

This is one of my favorite new pictures of my son, he just looks like he is growing up. Losing that little boy and getting so big. :0(

I love this one for the shadows, I thought it really showed the detail of the image off as well

Here is one I did outside ISO 800

More coming, the sun was almost totally down yesterday when I took these. I used my 50mm on them. Can’t wait to see what else I can produce more my other lenses.

All of these below are ISO 3200 I am in love with this camera the more I use it. No grain! If you are wondering why I used it to ISO 3200 I was pushing the camera as far I could to test how incredible the ability is on the camera.


He plays Angry birds all the time, everyone says he is really good at it. Hope this means it helps him with computer things in the future.


This one amazes me I can’t believe how high this ISO is going!

Look at the clarity you can really see it in his nail and wrinkles in his fingers.

I love this one , children are the best when they are little. How could you ever not love a child!


  • Caroljean - April 26, 2012 - 6:21 pm

    I think you just sold me…is that too big of a gift to ask for Mother’s Day? 🙂

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