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My baby girl had colic and would cry from 1-4am every single night for months. I did the 5 S’s, swaddling, shhing, but nothing worked. Cut out garlic, etc.

Till my pediatrician said to that there have been studies about probitics. I searched google it and sure enough liquid acidophiles was shown to help. I gave her a Tylenol dropper of the adult liquid acidophiles you can buy at sprouts or any whole food market in the refrigerator section. My daughter responded fairly fast this. I think because they systems are newly developed and breastfeeding seems to cause them to get gas easy if we eat something that doesnt agree. Probitics won’t harm or hurt your baby in any way,  it’s what is in yogurt. I had a client come in a few weeks ago and the baby had colic. I told her about the acidophilis and in a week she emailed me to tell me how happy they were because they noticed a huge difference! Hope this helps new Mom’s out there with newborns who have colic as well.

You buy it on

1. Acidophilis 1 dropper full a day

2. Colic relief (Boiron Homeopathic Medicine) you can find on amazon

3. Chamomile tea – I put in the bottle with ice.  can buy on  vitacost

4. Fennel water. You can find that in ethnic grocery stores. It made an immediate difference in my son and he liked the taste. (a friend just told me this one).

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