Hiring a professional

The fee you pay a professional photographer goes into many things over 50+ hours a session. Take the money you pay and divide that into thes

1. 2-3 hours or 1 hour sessions: time for your photos to be taken.

2. 30+ hours of editing

3. 5+ hours of emails back and forth setting up your session,

proofing, ordering prints, booking, preparation a session.

4. 30+ minutes time packaging your CD’s, burning disks, labels, stamps, .

5. 1-2 hours. Ordering your prints,

6. 1 -2+ hours uploading to blog, writing about your session, uploading onto facebook for your friends and family.

7. Insurance- insurance for your session to protect against any damage done in studio.

8. 30-60+ minutes picking out, tearing down, setting up backgrounds, props,

9. hours of constantly week by week teaching ourselves photography, new skills, practicing photography.

10. taxes

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