Kassandra 5 day old Newborn | Phoenix Newborn Photographer

Kassandra called me this past week and luckily I had a spot open since January is the slowest month of the year. Unfortunately I am currently running out of dates in the near future. Check with me but I only have maybe 2 a month left the next 2 months.

Kassandra and her Mom came to have her 5 day old newborn baby. Her son was around 7. lbs when he was born. She was in labor around 12 hours, this is her first so that is an average time for first birth. I was thrilled to see her baby because he was so tiny. It’s so fun and never ever gets old. Each baby has their own challenges to get them into cute poses. This little guy won’t let me turn his head toward the window and didn’t want to be curled up. Some babies just go easily into a poses and are easy to mold. But others don’t want to be back in those positions they were just in for the past 9 month.

I just found a new way of making my babies look even softer and sweeter than before!

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