1 year Davis baby pictures & Cake Smash | Phoenix Baby photographer

Heather and I did these photos this past weekend of Little Miss baby I. who turned 1 year’s old in December. Her first birthday portrait session. She is such a beautiful little baby girl. I was very blessed to have this family in my studio this past weekend. Little Miss Baby I. has big beautiful blue eyes, a huge happy smile. She was such a pleasant little girl to have here. I loved taking her pictures. The whole time she would smile and move. She was a super fast crawler, so fast that I usually get get one photo when the baby crawls toward  me but not I. she was too fast for my camera. But the little props helped to keep her in one place. When she went into the rocker she would rock back and forth. It was really cute. What we do for baby cake smash photos is split the session in half, 30 minutes of cute adorable poses with pretty outfits, 2nd half is for the cake eating and celebration. Thanks Davis family for hiring me for Little Miss I.’s birthday celebration with a cake smash!


Look at the cute little baby tummy!

Do you have a baby or child having a birthday soon? The cake smash birthday pictures are lots of fun to celebrate their birth with.





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