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This little peanut has an amazing story and she is only a few days old. She first was stuck in her Mom’s birth canal and Carrie had to have a c-section. They had a hard time getting her out. Then little Miss A. had a brain hemorrhage where they had to do surgery on her, thankfully it all worked out great! Then she has rare birth mark one leg, I forget the name of it but there is only 300 people in the world with it. She will grow out of it in time. They still have to take her to specialists and the Dr.’s don’t know much about it. To me this baby is very special and cherished dearly for all she has been through. My heart went out to Carrie and Craig for how scared they must been having their newborn baby only a few days old have surgery already. Thankful that all went well and she is just beautiful!

Carrie and Craig came to my studio this past Saturday with her Mom who flew into town to meet her new Grandchild.  Her Mom Deb I believe she said she has 9 or 12 Grandchildren. I think that’s wonderful!

This is their first beautiful baby little Miss A. Carrie works at ASU as an architect and Craig works at the airport. They are a really nice family, all of them! It was a pleasure having them all in my studio. Yes all babies that come into my studio are beautiful all in different ways. Her Mommy, Carrie is beautiful and photogenic wait till you see her.  I can’t wait to post more photos of the family coming soon! If you are friends with Carrie then you know she is a super nice woman, she is caring and sincere. I don’t meet a ton of people these days that really care about others, Carrie does. I was very blessed to have her and her family here this weekend.

I love these newborn photos, great job Carrie picking the backgrounds and colors!


Thanks West family for hiring me, I hope to work with you all again soon!


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