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Phoenix Arizona maternity photos now on SALE for a limited time. 1 hour session in the privacy of my East Valley professional photography studio. This is a very special time in your life, you should celebrate with memorable photos so you can look back and be thankful you did it. Here is a gallery of my maternity photos:Click here

I wanted to share this with you, I personally didn’t get my maternity photos done ever. Now after having 2 kids I really regret it to this day. Sure I took a couple photos with my phone or little snapshot camera. But it’s not the same as hiring a professional photographer take your maternity photos because I am able not only capture your progress but you can have your husband (and children) with you to show the love between you too. There is something so marvelous about this time being pregnant it only happens once or a couple times in your life. When your children are all grown and you can’t have any more children you will want to look back at that time and see how beautiful you were and see your pregnancy in a whole different light because you know your child and can’t get that feeling back. It’s unique to have the chance to be able to carry a baby inside of you and feel it grow. What a miracle!
Book your maternity session now before it’s too late.


I recommend doing it between weeks 32-34 because you are close enough to the end. I wouldn’t book it past 34 weeks because I have had too many clients go into early labor and were so sad they missed their chance.

Booking details: I only book up to 2 months ahead.


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