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Megan hired me last year to take her son’s photos.Which by the way they are really cute little boys. I enjoyed taking their photos as they played together outside.  Megan adopted her 1st son who’s Mom contacted them recently, about how  she was going to have a baby girl. The birth Mom wanted the kids to be together since their son is her brother. Megan and her husband Chris adopted their new  baby  girl  a couple  weeks ago. She was so tiny when she arrived. Megan is a such a nice person and lots of fun to talk to. She was a huge help with the session as well. Megan and Chris you are such a blessing to this sweet little baby girl. May she grow  up to give you back that devoted love you have given her and her brother.  Megan goes to the Thursday Mops group at Chandler Christian Church were I attend.  I used to go to the Monday night group so we have a few of the same friends. Megan is a nurse that works part time and now a new Mom of 3 who gets to spend half her time with her children. Megan works for Healthy Tomorrows is an Arizona Adult Primary Care at Home.

Parents that adopt babies really have a special place in my heart because I am in awe of how kind they are. They  welcome a baby into their home, give them their love and their devotion. It takes a true loving soul to bless a child with a new family. This to me is one of the most incredible gifts you can give a child. There are so many children without homes in this world, so many abandoned babies that do not have a Mommy to hold them when they get hurt, or are sad. I think about these babies all the time because my children need about 30+ hugs a day. Can you imagine there are babies that will not get those hugs throughout the day. Doesn’t it just break your heart. They don’t have a Daddy to teach them new things and show them the security for when they are scared. Sometimes I wish I could hug each and every child, I wish I could spend time with those children who are lonely and sad because they don’t have a Mommy to love them. If only there was more that one person could do for many children all at once. I do pray God comforts them with His love and angels. Parents that adopt are like loving angels watching over the lonely homeless children.


I listed a couple adoption agency’s at the bottom if anyone needs help.



Spears family, thanks again for hiring me. It was wonderful to meet your new baby girl, she is simply precious!

Here are some adoption agency’s I found if anyone is looking:

Family Service Agency

American Adoptions

Christian Family Care Agency

A Child’s Dream

Adoption help in AZ -Free to birth mothers – local help from a lawyer -Kerry B. Moore

  • Carol Strawn - July 27, 2011 - 3:55 pm

    Beautiful newborn shots! I love how the background is so black and velvety…and sweet poses!

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