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Bonnie contacted me in May to setup her newborn twins photo session at in my photography studio. She brought her 3 adorable children and newborn twin girl & boy. These kids were so beautiful and sweet. They left for a while, during the time the baby twins had their photos taken. Then the children came back, I was so surprised seriously how good they just sat there. I never had children play so good, sat there with an ipad, and iphone. Plus they were really good listeners.  I couldn’t believe my eyes. I never saw kids sit still for such a long time. WOW Bonnie your children are very well behaved. Bonnie homeschools her oldest son, which I think is really great!

Photographing newborn twins are really tough. If you haven’t done it before,  you have to have twice as much patience because they need fed, changed at different times then you have to wait for them both to fall asleep at the same time to take their photo together. Then hope they will stay together or still next to each other for the photos. Their one twin was awake most of the time. Which is what usually happens when photographing twin babies, one will sleep 90% of the session and the other will be awake.. It was hard to get photos of them all cuddled together, we got lucky though and were able to take a couple shots. I think the sooner the babies are born the better to get twin photos taken. The result of getting that final shot of them together sleeping is worth all the patience and waiting in the world. There is something very special about twins sleeping together that just melts my heart. When I first started taking photos of babies I was extremely anxious to take photos of twins.. lol little did I know how hard it really is.


See I told you their children are sweet.

Bonnie picked this dark blanket to go in the bowl and I am in love with this photo! great choice Bonnie

When I going through my images looking at the best ones to keep, I saw this one below and it gave me the biggest smile. So cute!!!

2nd big brother Little Mr. T. age 4

Check out how beautiful their little girl is, I LOVE her gorgeous red hair!

Oldest Brother Little L. 

Thank you Wiscombe family for hiring me, your children are all beautiful.

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