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Words, words, words.. How do I find the correct words to explain this couple. Fun, loving, caring, giving, and silly! This photo session was probably my funnest shoot yet. The Robinson’s if you know they are really laid back, easy going and hilarious to be around. They made jokes about when things would go on the silly side. Which made my job so much easier. Photo sessions sometimes can be on the serious side and it was so good to have fun and laugh!!! Thanks Robinson’s for not taking life so serious, it was probably a lot more fun for me.

They adopted this sweet little boy last week. He was 5 days old when they came to my studio in Gilbert.  They are foster parents as well to a couple kids. But this is their very 1st adopted baby. You can only imagine how excited Shannon and Scott were when they got to adopt little Mr. S. I know because I am friends with her now on Facebook now, I was lucky enough to see the 1st photo of when the baby was born and their faces at the hospital. Shannon had tears of joy. When I saw that photo I cried with joy for them. What a beautiful moment and this family has such big hearts to take a new child into their lives to be their very own baby. People who adopt children or babies have such a high standard in my mind. I really look up to people who adopt because this is a huge gift to give a child. What an amazing blessing to be able to give love and joy to another person. To bring them into your family as your own.

The funny thing is I just watched the movie yesterday when I was editing called Martian Child, with John Cusack. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s a must see. It’s funny, loving, and opens your eyes to see how important it is to LOVE and really LOVE children. Not just be their parent but love them and care for them. Listen to them and get to know them for who they are. It opened my heart to see new things about the importance of being a parent.


Let’s face it people baby sessions get really messy to say the least. Babies are always pooping and peeing everywhere. I mean babies wear diapers for a reason. During my sessions they end up with their clothes OFF 90% of the time. I always say to keep the diaper around them till they are asleep then pull it off. I am explaining this for future photo session parents. It doesn’t matter how long you keep that diaper on newborns are constantly going to the bathroom. There are wipes right next to us and a diaper pale at all times because there will be lots of messes. Sometimes some babies aren’t that messy and we get “lucky”. This is why I always tell parents to bring an extra set of clothes for THEM too.


See what I am talking about, look at the joy in Shannon’s face. Doesn’t she look beautiful!!!



  • Shannon Robinson - June 15, 2011 - 5:50 pm

    Love them Leslie.

  • Scott Robinson - iFrog - June 24, 2011 - 11:58 am

    When asked if they should go to you for their baby photos, have them go to this link and tell them. I’m far better than this photographer, and I don’t charge nearly as much as that person probably charged:,,20504372,00.html

    Beautiful work.

    Thank you. We are blessed that we found you.

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