Tough time for faith

This is a tough time for everyone to have faith I think because of how the world is. Even believers. There is so many distractions, etc. I am trying to keep the Kingdom of God first & all things shall be added unto you. God will bless you if you keep going back to Him. I think it’s always going to be a constant struggle for us being pulled away from Him. But we have try to practice our daily reading, praying and giving our worries up to the Lord. Just as we do with our kids with disciplining them, we are consistent. We need to be consistent in reading our bible each morning before we start anything.. Put God first, make Him your first priority.

I used to do this and the rest of my day would go so smoothly that everything would get done each day. I wouldn’t have to stress that things were hanging over my shoulders. Sure I might have had a couple things left over. But I had a peace that God was the one orchestrating all the events of my day. Without me even knowing things just fell into place.

FYI. I go to a non – denominational church and was raised Presbyterian if your wondering my faith. Since there are so many different religions out here.

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