Vaccines and my view on them

There is a test that they can give them to look at their blood to the amount of antibodies in their blood it’s called a Titer. The antibody level in the blood is a reflection of past exposure to an antigen or to something that the body does not recognize as belonging to itself. The body uses antibodies to attack and remove foreign substances.  But the Dr.’s won’t give it to them or know about it. A chiropractor told me about it. I worry because I got 3 done on S. when she was 6 months and for a week after she didn’t talk or make any noise. It really scared us because my husbands cousin has autism. So we are holding off till she is  and her brain is more fully developed. Then only doing maybe 1 at a time. With my son we did them all when he was young. Then I cut back and only did 2 a time. I feel it’s a much better option.  I looked in my baby book When we were kids and there way only 3 shots given at once. Dr. Sears has a vaccine schedule talking about spreading them out. My girlfriend read the book he wrote and said it was really good.

When my son was a baby I tried to do as much research as I could. The MMR seemed to be the one that all the parents said after they got that shots the kids got autism so I didn’t get that shot for him. I tried to find it as separate shots instead of all in one. Reason being is that when we were kids (30 years ago) the shots were separated. To me it seems like there are more and more kids these days with Autism. Every time you turn around there are more. It’s really sad and breaks me heart. If there is a way to stop it (if that is possible) I am going to do my best to try. I know they claim that they aren’t linked. Either way if a parent said the child was fine before the vaccine and after they got it the had it to me that tells me it gave it to them.

Everyone’s body is different and everyone views things totally different. It’s a very hard decision to make. I actually see both points of view on it. I watched a movie (play it on now) on that I really liked. It was called Frontline: The Vaccine War,  it kinda of showed both sides of things.

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