Pregnancy inducing labor naturally _ VBac with my 2nd vs a C-Section

I had a Doula tell me some great ideas and my baby girl came out in 14mins of pushing and she was a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean).

I read as much as I could about having a vbac and found out that the statistics are higher for a cesarean vs a vbac. the more than have to do medically the more chances you will have to have a cesarean. With my 1st child they gave me the medicine to induce labor because I was a week late. They started it at 12am then broke my water at 12pm the next day. Then gave me an epidural around 3:30pm. My temperature rose really fast, I was shaking from the hormones very bad, and knew something as wrong. My husband went for a coffee. I had my sister call him and the nurse came in and said my baby’s blood pressure was like 220. They had to give me an emergency c-section. It was scary for my husband who over heard the Dr’s say if they don’t get that baby out of there we both were going to die. Thankfully I never heard this part till way after. They pumped me with all kinds of medicine and got him out in 5 minutes.

My OB talked me into having a vbac because she had been doing this for 9 years at the time and said she had many successful vbac’s. She gave me a sheet on the differences and it convinced me.  Plus I did a ton of research to prepare my mind for it and prayed a TON!!!

At 34 weeks I started the primose oil orally and started having contractions but I guess maybe they were the braxton hicks where it helps to get things moving. I had them for every 20 minutes till I was in labor. Honestly I think that was what helped my labor to go so fast because my body had been having contractions slowly for such a long time, by the time I delivered it was natural and fast. Just do NOT the internal ones till you really have to at the end and the baby is fully developed.

Here are some tips she told me that I think really helped me out.

Evening Primrose Oil – As soon as 34 weeks, evening primrose oil can be taken orally. 38 weeks internally.

EPO contains the precursors to prostaglandins, substances your body needs to produce prostaglandins to help ripen your cervix. Some midwives rub evening primrose oil directly on the cervix during the last weeks of pregnancy to help the cervix thin and dilate. Keep in mind that placing anything in the vagina during pregnancy may increase your risk of infection and is not recommended.  Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before at least 2 minutes. When the cervix has been ripened and softened, induction has a much higher rate of being successful. The ripening of the cervix may even aid in making labor faster and easier.

If you want the baby to come out buy primrose oil take internally 38wks and orally 34wks. I did both 500mg i am telling you I think it helps ripen your cervix.

Red raspberry tea. just dont know if it’s too close to your delivery  at least 37 weeks . Here is the forum of how many woman this has helped. It helped their pushing time to be shorter, their blood to heal faster after birth etc. There is a ton of great things it helps. I started drinking 1 cup at 36 weeks only cause I was anxious, then 37 weeks 3 cups a day. But you can drink it your whole pregnancy to help along. It takes really good to I think. I started drinking it hot then I would put it in the fridge.  I ended up seeping it in a little tea pot I had over night to make it extra strong. I think it helped. I mean like I said I only had to push for 14 minutes.!

WALK- I walked every single day for the last two weeks. The 2nd trimester I was on the stationary bike for an hour  3-4 times a week. Which as a big mistake, I was suppose to only be doing it for 30 minutes each time.. Since I was doing too much I started having contractions with physical activity so my Dr. took me off all. But I still walked a little basically whatever I could handle. The walking helps the baby fall down into your pelvic bone for an easier way out. Make yourself take walks no matter what the the last 2 -3 weeks even if it’s up and down the street for at least 2-3 times up and down or longer if you can. I did it pushing a stroller of a 2.5 yr old. I made myself I could barely a walk at the end felt like my daughter’s head was coming out.

Sit on the floor doing laundry etc. It helps open up your pelvic floor

Squats– yes these kill, so maybe try holding onto the bed or something.

Sleep- It’s really hard at the end cause your really uncomfortable. Both my kids would wake up at 11pm just as I was going to bed. The would be really activate and I couldn’t sleep. Try drinking warm milk before bed. This would help sometimes.

Massage- everyone says to try and relax as much as possible well it’s true. I got a massage and went into labor the next day. I was due in 3 days after

Scrubbing floors-I scrubbed the kitchen floor too, as painful as this was my Mom said she did it and of course it kills your knees.

Spicy Foods- tried it not sure it did anything


  • Vanessa Voth - March 2, 2011 - 1:00 pm

    I did all those things with my pregnancy/labour as well and my labour was 5 hours from start to finish and we had our baby girl at home!!! =) Glad you had such a fabulous VBAC experience!! (thanks for adding me on facebook! looks like we have a lot in common!)

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