Mr. Bubble for the bath & Pickles!

I was telling my son about we used  Mr. Bubble as a kid. It used to make tons of bubbles. We used to buy the box but I couldn’t find it. Yes I do always buy organic natural soaps but I had to let me son experience this. I am not perfect by far not I try to be perfect in having to always buy only organic things. I think it’s fine to have some fun every once in a while and use other things.

Last night I finally got out of the house because I was getting a little cabin fever. I can only leave the house on the weekends when my husband is comes homes to run errands because my heart hurts so bad I can’t possibly put the kids in the car and go on a shopping trip. I would be hurting too much. I went out just me and I was in horrible pain from a short little trip for a couple things.

I miss working so much my heart is broken for it. I had newborn sessions for a month straight and had to reschedule with my clients. Truly sad because I love babies and most of them were brand new newborns that were only 10 days old. I hate having to reschedule because I try never to do that to my clients. I have only had to do it a couple times in 2 years I have been in business. I try to treat my clients how I would want to be treated. I am learning I need to take care of myself first to be able to give to others. In the meantime of being bored and trying to rest, I had to take a couple photos of my sweet baby girl before she turns one in a month.

I picked up some Mr. Bubble for the kids so they can play in the bubbles. You should have seen my son, he kissed the bottle and said thanks Mommy I love you when I gave it to him.

Look how excited she was to see the bubbles.

a new sippy cup which I am loving because it doesn’t spill. It’s a Munchkin $3.84 most of the sippy cups were $5. I tried 2 other ones and it spilled everywhere. This one you can put it on it’s side and it doesn’t spill.

I love her little baby feet even at 11 months

I love this photo because she is so calm and relaxed here

One of my favorite things to eat is PICKLES, I gave my baby girl some dill pickles today at lunch. She really loved them and kept wanting more. I always say a pickle a day makes a great day!

This picture totally sum up my little girl. She is always pleasant, sweet & such a happy baby. Both my babies were happy babies. We are extremely blessed to have that.

I saw her sitting there and thought she just looked so cute at this age and know it’s going to be gone soon. In a blink of an eye. I  grabbed my camera and tried very hard to get this shot but she moved and changed emotions etc. Thankfully I go it!!

Keep your eyes open for some cute photos of the bubbles!

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