Frequently asked questions about photo sessions

I get lots of questions about photo sessions and thought this would help answer questions. If you have more ask away and I hope to answer them all for you!
  • How many photos are included on the DVD? 25 color and black & white high resolution images 
  •  Are they hi-resolution photos, can I print at any size? Yes
  •  How long does it take to get the edited images on the DVD? The DVD takes about 2 weeks to be edited. If you would like to do baby announcements I can email a few to you so you can get them started in 3 days. Make sure to tell me you would like those sent to you so we can get that going.
  • How many photos are retouched? all 25
  •  Do I get a copyright release so I can print at any location? Yes
  • How long it will take to receive photos? 1-2 weeks after you send me your choices from your session
  • When do you recommend to have a shoot? 1-10 days after baby is born (it’s more the weight of the baby that matters most, 11+lbs gets harder to pose) Plus the older they get the more baby acne which I will be editing out.
  • Baby age is best? I suggest getting the photos taken every 3-4 months the first year because the babies faces change so much
  • Where do you normally shoot for newborn & baby sessions? my studio in Gilbert. Family sessions I usually meet people at parks etc.
  • Studio or on location? location if it’s in the East Valley. I shoot 90% of  newborn sessions in my studio
  • Do you normally bring the accessories with you?  I have headbands, tutu’s, hats, baskets,
  • Do the packages come with any prints ? Yes I offer packages with or without prints because some clients prefer to print at any location. I highly suggest buying some professional prints so you can see the difference in the quality and color. If your hiring a professional you should really get some professional quality prints these won’t turn yellow or fade in time. At the very least the ones your going to hang on the walls you should use my professional printing company.
  • How far in advance should I book? I tell everyone to book 1-3 months before you want the photos taken. Depending on the season. November -December are the busiest and can be booked solid 3 months ahead.ha
  • Do you limit the number of wardrobe/outfit changes? This depends on the session normally 2 outfits for mini and 3-5 for hour session
  • Maternity session 32-36 weeks because I have had too many people go into labor at that point (yes even 1st time Mom’s)
  • Do you offer any discounts or coupons? Yes if you refer me to a friend I give you a money off discount or prints once they book with me. 2. I offer a discount if you buy a maternity package and a newborn session.
  • Do you require a deposit? Yes a $50 non-refundable deposit holds you date.
  • What color are your backgrounds for newborn, what color do you recommend my husband and I wearing?This totally depends on what your taste is. You can wear whatever you would like. If you want black on black or white one white. I have a many different color backgrounds. If you want my help just send me an email or call me about the colors and I will do my best .Newborns I have tons and tons of different background colors.
  • What if I deliver late or have complications and me and baby are not up to something this soon?    Can we reschedule? I have 3-5 newborn sessions a month . Normally I do family sessions the rest of the time. What I have been doing lately is penciling you in for 2-3 weekend days around your due date.   I will not give those spots up once you pay the $50 non-refundable deposit (which is deducted from your total) This way I can make sure to fit you all in 5-10 days after your baby is born (best time to schedule to get those cute poses). If you know ahead of time you will be later please let me know as soon as possible so I can fill one of those dates up. I used to work both weekend days but lately I am trying to cut but so this should help keep your dates open. I can’t promise which day of the week as far as if it’s a Saturday or Sunday unless you choose ahead of time which you prefer because other people might want a certain day of the week. If that makes sense. My point is I will do the best I possible can to help you get your time in after your baby is born. I love newborns and know that there is only a short/small window we have to work  with so the clearer and better communication you and I have with each other the smoother things will go.
  • When is the best time for newborn sessions? After 1:00pm because I use all natural light no lighting equipment after 4pm it’s too dark to shoot.
  • I see your logo/name on some of the pictures on the website, but not all of them, so I was just wondering if the pictures we would get would have your name/logo on them or not. No the images on my sites have my logo to prevent people on the net from stealing them and are copyrighted. Your images on your DVD will NOT have my logo on them unless you want a copy your welcome to have that as well just let me know.
  •  How much time do you estimate per session? Here are my prices: . My prices vary from time to time, the price you are quoted is when you book a session.
  • Where are you located? Gilbert, your welcome to meet me in the East Valley or 30 minutes from 85296
  • Do you have some sort of studio set up? yes i have a studio in my house in Gilbert, Arizona
  • Do you charge for overage on time?Depends, with the newborns I realize they take longer to get photos of because of feeding, changing etc. I am more worried about getting the correct and amount of photos with them. If we go past 3.5 hours I do charge per half hour.  I can get them done in 1.5 hours if the baby sleeps very solidly through the entire session and there is no feeding or changing the baby. An average session lasts 2.5-3hours.Yes I do charge * Each additional 30 minutes past an hour session is half the session price (unless I don’t get the 20-30 amount of photos in an hour but I normally do, I’ve been in business long enough to)

If you have any more questions that weren’t listed above please feel free to ask away. Also there is a complete breakdown of my packages and details of the session on my website:



Do you travel to location? Yes after

Prices change on your site? Your session price depends on the date you emailed me.

  • Alison Wilcock - February 19, 2011 - 6:52 pm

    We are delivering this week and I would like to take pictures of our new little girl around 2 weeks of life. Could you send me info on packages, etc

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