G. Montgomery {Newborn Baby Photographer}

The Montgomery family came to my studio this past Saturday to have their 15 day old newborn baby photographed. This baby to say the least was a perfect angel and literally modeled for me. One time I was going to take a photo of him and as I went to click the photo he closed his eyes. WOW I told him I thought he was a great little model. Thanks baby D. of being so sweet for me. I had such a fun time talking with his parents, they are a joy to be around. The time went by really fast and we got a lot of really really cute shots in. Since the baby slept literally almost the whole time  (other than eating and going potty). I told them he was my best baby so far because he just slept and let us do our thing. What a dream baby. I couldn’t wait to have another little newborn in my studio, in Gilbert.

Glady’s is so beautiful. I looked up at her while she was talking during the session and thought wow she is just beautiful. There aren’t tons of people in the world that are just truly beautiful from inside to out.

Hats made from Sugar and Spice Crotchet

He even let us get him into this position below that I have been trying on babies and even my baby since I had her. I couldn’t get the baby to do it and finally we all worked at together and it came together. I love this pose because it reminds me of how they would be in the womb, all curled up and tiny.  This is why it’s so important to schedule 10-15 days after they are born so you can curl them up so easy. His favorite pose of the day was all curled up.

Look at how tiny these little baby feet are on baby D.   awe.

OK new parents, you when you see skin peeling like this I know you think you don’t want it in the photos. Till the baby is around 1-3 yrs and you look back and think how cute that skin is because it shows how brand new the baby really is. Only right after birth does that happen.

  • Belinda Carpenter - January 3, 2011 - 5:19 pm

    I love these! What a beauty! My favs are the lil guy and his pretty mommy and of course the last one of how he might look in the fetus! Great job as usual! :O) God Bless this lil man and his family!

  • Gladys - January 3, 2011 - 9:36 pm

    WOW! I love all the pictures! I am so happy and cant wait to see the rest of them. We also had a great time with you Leslie, you are very professional and have a warm personality. Thankyou :D..

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