NEW canvases for my new studio!

I am so excited because my NEW studio is all coming together slowly but surly. I ordered my 1st  couple of canvases (only a couple  because Christmas is coming). Here they are!! I can’t wait to order more of my clients and have them hanging for all my clients to see. These are beautiful the photos don’t do them justice, you really need to see them in person (hint, hint ;0).

If you need ideas for Christmas gifts these are a beautiful way to show off those kids and Grandchildren.

They are 11×14, I am going to order a bunch of different sizes for all over.

I can’t wait to order some of my children!!!

8X10 51 86 47
11X14 57 92 54
16X20 78 115 72
20X24 96 130 92
20X30 115 151 110
24X30 129 171 123
30X40 173 165
  • Deanna - December 3, 2010 - 1:06 pm

    Holy Moses! My baby is on canvas and she looks like artwork! Thank you for being an amazing Artist Leslie! Beautiful!

  • Martha - December 4, 2010 - 10:13 am

    Love the look of my sweets on canvas!!!! Thanks again for your beautiful work. Merry Christmas!

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