Carpenter Family Photos {Photography East Valley}

Here is Belinda and her family. This is the first holiday mini session photographed in Gilbert, AZ. They live in Queen Creek, AZ. We have been friends on Facebook for a long time. She was really excited to finally get to do photos with me because she loves photos. This is what she told me anyways. I was really excited to meet her finally and take her beautiful I mean beautiful daughters photos. Her baby girl is 10months old and just seriously so gorgeous with these huge blue eyes. I saw her in her photos and couldn’t wait to take her pictures. Then her big sister pops out of the car and I was blown away from her beauty as well.

When I take photos of people I like to get to know them the best I can so I can see what their personalities are like. I feel this way it helps me to capture the best in them and see the beauty within them. Not just see the external beauty. I think the internal beauty is what truly shines through. I focus really hard on seeing what they are about. There is something beautiful in everyone and it’s all from your perspective what you want to see. What I love to do is capture that beauty in people and show others how I see it. Hopefully you all can see it their beauty and then I have done the job I set out to do.

About Belinda’s family after the session was over we were talking and it turns out that her and her family go to the same church we did called Lifepoint in Queen Creek.  I had a such a great time talking to her about kids and family I was bummed we didn’t live closer. We are both from back East so we were talking about how much we like it there, all of my immediate family are there. It was a fun first Mini session and now I can’t wait to do more!!!

Isn’t she sweet?

Look at these gorgeous blue eyes. They are like the sky

I love how sassy she is

This one is my favorite

wishing upon a star!

  • Belinda Carpenter - November 20, 2010 - 2:21 pm

    WOW Leslie!!! These are sooo beautiful!!! Now of course I am a bit biased since they are my daughters…but wow…I’m so excited and happy with these…can’t wait 2 see the rest!!! ;o) Thank you for making time and photographing the girls…You are SOOO talended!!! I can’t wait 2 brag and show these off on Facebook! Teeheehee!

  • Carmen Smith - November 22, 2010 - 8:08 am

    Belinda it’s not just you who thinks these are beautiful…..because I think so too. Leslie as always great job. Love the lighting and the subjects and the talented photographer.

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