Headshot- Mrs. Dow

This weekend I had the privilege to work with one of my first clients from when I started back 2 years ago. She contacted me because she is going into the real estate business after being a stay at home Mom for years. Her kids are all in school now and she is excited for her new adventure (it sounds like to me).

She was nervous when she came about getting a photo taken and making sure it would look good. I told her how beautiful she is and how she does not have to worry about that. She told me she wanted me to do it because she could be at ease with me (maybe because I love talking to people) and that she liked me work. She even told me she tells everyone about my work which thanks Stephanie because that means the world to me. Word of mouth is everything in this business.
It made me feel really good that she is comfortable with working with me. I really do try hard to make sure everyone feels comfortable and relaxed as much as I can while I am taking their photos. In my opinion I think the most beautiful beauty is the beauty from the inside of each person. Your soul needs to shine through.  By the end of the session after Stephanie and I talked for a while her adorable spunky personality came shining through.

Headshot Package $100 (includes 1 hr session, DVD 5-10 images, copyright)

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