Nielsen 9 month old baby | Phoenix baby Photographer | East Valley baby Photographer

Erika and her sweet little 9 month old baby boy Mr. E. came for photos. E. was has been to the studio 3 times now and every time he is super sweet and so good. This time his personal popped out much more than when he was 3 and 6 months. He was more outgoing, laughing and giggling very open to listening and sounding out little noises. He is growing so fast, it was neat to see the changes he has made in 3 months. E. was teething and putting his toys in his mouth almost the entire time, it was so very sweet. He was already standing and pushing all the things we gave him. He didn’t hold still for long and was moving fast. He kept Erika busy going the entire time. He is a going to be a little sports guy I bet with out much energy he has.

I miss those times when my children were the first year of their life. They were bright eyed and couldn’t wait to learn new things. You could see the excitement in their eyes during the time of exploring, meeting new people and learning to walk, talk and crawl. The first year is the most amazing year because many things change very fast, their facial features change the most. For Erika I am going to make you a free collage for E.’s first in coming to the photography studio as a little gift so you can see his changes. Thanks again Nielsen family for hiring me!!

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