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Whitney and her husband brought their beautiful 16 day old baby girl to have her newborn photos taken in the studio this past week. She was such a great slept amazing for all her photos. She was an angel to photograph. Proofs are coming next look in your email.  Booking a newborn mini session is great for families who would like to get a newborn session done in an hour or just looking for baby photos to be taken before you loose that fast first two weeks of this tiny age. The first two weeks flies by and before you know it your baby has more weight on, stays awake longer and isn’t sleeping all day. The best thing to do to remember this time is when your baby wakes you up in the middle of the night to eat, watch him/her and appreciate seeing and holding those small little bodies. They will be talking, crawling and walking before you blink your eyes. I love getting to see each baby that comes into the studio because they are all different they have their own little special things they do that make them who they are. Some babies make little faces while they sleep, some babies make tiny cute noises, others don’t want their hands touched and like to keep super curled up in the small ball they were inside of Mom, some babies smile a lot while they are sleeping. They are all so very precious and sweet.

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