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Sarah and John Coon family are my neighbors across the street in Morrison Ranch, Gilbert, AZ. This is their first baby and he was just a little angel! Coon’s moved in couple years ago. We love this neighborhood there are so many families here with kids. They have fun events for the children as well. Plus every time a client comes here they said I LOVE your neighborhood it looks similar to the mid west where many of my clients come from. I agree it is a little treasure in #Arizona because the homes are colored and they have mailboxes in front of each home. Most Arizona homes are only white, brown and tan, with a lock box of mailboxes you have to walk to.

Coon family is super nice if you know them you know what I am talking about Sarah is really sweet and a caring gentle spirit loving Kindergarten teacher. She is gorgeous as well all the way around with silky red hair. John is super caring and a great husband who has a great Company in the East Valley Called Simply Green Pest Control here is their Facebook page if you are interested in more information Thanks again Coon family for hiring me, it was a beautiful pleasure to get to know your family during this special time in your lives.




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