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Every year as a family tradition  my daughter and I go to the Nutcracker ballet. I have been taking her since she was 3.5 and now she is 5.5. We have gone to a few different Theaters to see the Nutcracker but we haven’t been able to go the Phoenix to the Ballet Arizona . I haven’t taken her there because the price is much higher but I plan to.  A few times we have gone to Nutcracker Awhatukee Foothills Theater this theater I love the most because it has children from young to adults. The kids love it because they can relate to the actors as well. Plus when my daughter was 3 I had bought a seat near the edge of the row and she was dancing for a minute in the aisle she didn’t want to hold still so it was a better option for me in case I needed to get out. I always took her at night at the 7:30pm show because the 2pm sells out really fast because Santa comes to that one. This year I told a couple good friends the ones who’s daughters were in her dance class about it and we are now bringing our girls in which I think will be a fun time together.


I am telling you about these experiences because I think it is very important that we give our children something other than toys. We can give our time and attention to them to create beautiful memories too! They will remember the experience with you verses all the toys you buy them. Your children will hold this time in their hearts. Plus theater is something you can’t take a picture of, you can’t tape it, record it because it is live. You will have that one moment in time to spend together.  We go out and buy her a very special fancy dress she gets excited about and new shoes.

My husband and I started a side business about 6 months ago we are still in the beginning stages of selling online theater tickets. Our website is called www.theatertickets.com .

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Theater is the best experience a family could have together for entertainment, children love it.

This Saturday we bought my 8 year old son and his Grandpa tickets to go see A Winnie the Pooh Christmas Tail at the Valley Youth Theater in Phoenix, Arizona. PopPop was very excited to spend this special time with the boys.

If you would like to buy tickets they are still on sale. At Valley Youth Theaters site there are shows still till December 23, 2015. In the spring they will be having PINOCCHIO!!!  I can’t wait to take my kids, to that show as well.
These are my cell phone pictures, of course excuse the quality . This year I will do a better job and use my real professional camera on her.

Here is the Valley Youth Theater’s Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/valleyyouththeatre/?fref=ts



Here is our Facebook Page:https://www.facebook.com/Theater-Tickets-539581979528227/?fref=ts

If you need tickets to a show, TheaterTickets.com is the place to go!

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If you need tickets to a show, TheaterTickets.com is the place to go!

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  • Jamie Gillies - December 9, 2015 - 11:35 am

    OMG, Leslie, Cece is obsessed with musical theatre. I was just trying to research the best shows and theaters, for very young children, last night. I’m so excited you have this resource. 🙂

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