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Kim and her family met me for their family photo session right before a the rain hit. We were very blessed to get their family pictures. Their little girls are twins and so adorable at age 5 when I photographed them in Chandler. Here is a little sneak peek for Kim and her beautiful family before she gets to see her proofs.

A sister is the biggest blessing we could ever be given growing up. We get to have someone to laugh with, play dress up, dolls, house, feeding their baby, etc..
Today is my little sister’s birthday and growing up we were attached at the hip. This picture reminds me of close we were best friends, we loved doing everything together and no one or nothing could pull us part. Make sure you tell your sister how much you love and appreciate her because sisters are a treasure of friendship that only comes once in our lives. Woman are such social creatures we all need each other for support, to uplift, encourage, share and walk next to in life. Girls, ladies, and woman are the most beautiful blessing we could have in our lives as our friends. Let’s cherish and love them keeping them close to our hearts. 

There is nothing like watching sweet little girls play, giggle and imagine, dance and swing their dresses around as the beautiful music passes in the air by.

These sweet girls went to the same preschool as my daughter last year. They are 5 years old. I had a blast taking their picture. 4-5 year old children is probably my favorite age for hearing all the cute little things they have to say about life, their giggles, how they love to have adventures, play time, and want to love spending time being with you! If you have young children enjoy them now because time flies fast!

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