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Hey guys I wanted to let you know why I took a couple months off of my photography work. Since I started my business 6.5 years ago I was extremely driven to do my very best. Every day I learned more and more as much as I could to make myself better in my job, owning my own company etc.  I still do but I came to a place where I was wiped out from working around the clock for too many years. I looked over at my kids and they were 7 and 4. Where did this time go?  Did I get to know them like I wanted? Am I regretting not spending enough time with them? YES!!!!
When you look back at your life when you are old will you want to remember how much money you made or the beautiful memories you spent with your family?

My daughter is going to Kindergarten next year and our time together is very becoming smaller and smaller. This special time is going too fast. This past year I tried to slow down some to spend the this year with her and toward Christmas I accidentally took on too much work. I missed spending quality fun times together playing games, toys, just talking to them getting to know my kids and husband better.

I was still working just slowed my work down to only a couple jobs a month. Thankful for all the clients who have hired me this year and every year. I love seeing my past client come back to hire me when they have their next children.

Taking less sessions does not mean I am sending my clients their photos any later than I said I would actually it means opposite I am giving your session more attention to detail and time.

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