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This week I took a couple pictures of my daughter who I can’t believe she is turning 5 this month. It feels like just a few weeks ago she was a newborn baby. You look back at your life and think am I appreciating all the moments that slip away so very fast. I couldn’t be more thankful as a Mom for how my children are turning out because they are both so loving, caring, thoughtful and will give from the heart.  Having a baby when they first are born you think so many things, how will they turn out someday, what will they look like, what jobs will they when they grow up, will they treat others with love, respect and kindness. Then as they grow there are so many things involved you watch them test you in toddler age and grow into these little children. They will always be testing your limits and patience. In the meantime you are growing as well, your learning to become a better parent and what it takes and matters the most. At times you make lots of mistakes but you keep trying because your children grow into sweethearts and loving you see you did do lots of things right. When you are pushed to all your limits and patience try to focus on all the great things about them and count your blessings. We all do the best we can that is what matters the most.

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I do pose babies for my job but my true love and passion are in the candid photos and lifestyle. The ones that people are being who they truly are and stepping back to photograph those moments. My daughter was playing outside that day and all I could think as I am taking her photos is how big she is getting so fast, I know these days won’t last long while she is this tiny still. Thankful for every moment and day with my family and my beautiful life.

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