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Day 58 of 365 with studio light on my daughter she was my little model today for playing with my photography. I love to practice and sometimes she helps me out. As a parent I feel as though she was just a baby not so long ago. Now she is going to turn 5 in just a few weeks. I can’t believe it truly I remember when she was born as though it was a few weeks ago. The time flies so fast the more you are busy the faster it goes. I wish there was a way to slow it down but sadly all you can do really is just enjoy every moment you are here and appreciate them. Children are so great and the biggest blessing we all could have from parents to Grandparents to teachers and friends and family. Children bring joy to everyone around them. I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t love children each and everyone they have so much love and happiness they spread to all. They give without even thinking about it. The funny things they say, the funny things they do, to the giant smiles they have on their faces each day. Babies are even sweeter they giggle and coo and are helpless. My job is great because I get the chance to meet so many children and babies all over Phoenix. I love to meet new families and each week I feel very blessed to have that chance. I couldn’t be more grateful for this job after 6+ years of new and old clients it is the best!

Thanks again to everyone who has come to my photography studio to hire me is my pleasure to meet and work with you all.

Phoenix children photographer

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