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A client emailed me asking how she should decided for booking me for a 30 minute mini session vs a 1 hour photography session. I thought I would write a blog post about it to help my new and old clients get prepared before booking. This should help you think what are your goals. This helps for maternity mini session as well. It basically has a lot to do with how many photos you want. With a 1 hour session you will have about 40 pictures after to choose from you will be contracted 25 but you can buy

A mini session is either 10 or 15 pictures- 30 minutes long
1 hour is 25 pictures.
It is really a matter many things to consider before booking a mini session vs a 1 hour photo session.
1. Do you want to use the pictures just Christmas/holiday cards?
2. Photos for gifts such a calender, ornaments, mug, greeting cards, ? depends on your outfit and background or theme you are going for <— 1 hour is best option
3. Family to have a copy as a wallet gift size in a normal outfit? <— 1 hour is best option
4. Do you want a canvas on your walls? <— 1 hour is best option
5. Would you like to have an album or book made from your session as a memory book ? or a 2nd one made half off for the Grandparents?
Basically when you do a 1 hour you have many options with clothing changes and more time the price is higher but will have more pictures to choose from. You aren’t limited in say one theme such as a holiday/Christmas theme.
1 hour you have a few outfits and a couple background changes.
Plus if your child is young (under 3) and they get upset I like to have you bring a snack and water/juice in the middle to take snuggles with Mom and that recharges them to get more smiles and happy again if they get sad or upset at all.
Mini sessions are more limited as far as you only have really 1 outfit and 1 background.

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