Switching from DVD to USB | Phoenix baby photographer

The reasons why I switched from giving my client’s DVD’s vs USB.  There are many many reasons why I switched but this is just a couple reasons I wanted to post this because I do give my clients a few ways they can receive their photos. One way I will give you a copy right after your session is a download copy so you can send the link to your family to have a copy as well plus you can have them faster than having to wait for them to arrive in the mail. Plus you will receive a USB drive which will go in the back of your computer you just plug it in and copy the photos right onto your computer to save.

1. They do not burn in my computer for

2. New computers do not come with DVD drives anymore

3. DVD’s scratch and won’t read after they are scratched and I can’t replace the images when that happens.

4. 5-10 Years later some computers won’t read DVD’s formats it happened to me when I tried to put some of my engagement photos from my PC into my Mac.


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