Lifestyle newborn photography

Now offering lifestyle candid newborn photography in the comfort of your home. I am giving a discount the month of July-September for clients booking for lifestyle photography since I am reintroducing it back it back. When I first start photography 6 years ago I only went to client’s homes and carried buckets of props etc. Then I opened my studio 4 years ago and started doing the style of posed photos that are on my blog and site now. I have been doing candid lifestyle photography of my children and people have commented how I should be doing that again. I wanted to offer that back into my portfolio if you are interested it is a totally different look then what my site looks like.
If you go to my pinterest board I have many other photographers examples you can see the difference in what it is:

A good way to explain it is more not posed photos not looking at the camera and me taking them of you looking at your baby and each other. This is more of a natural setting I won’t be bringing props to your home either. If you wanted props would have to come to the studio that is why I opened it up in the first place. Most of what I have I have invested the past 5 years in very expensive fabrics and antiques this is why I do not travel with them. I would love t come to your home and take family photos of your newborn there if you like those type such as the pinterest examples above. I don’t have any examples on my site because like I said it’s over 4.5 years since I photographed families and newborns in their homes.

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