Phoenix newborn photographer Q. & A.

Questions a Mom might have before scheduling a newborn session with Leslie Styler Photography: Q&A :
– For the newborn session, are we able to include a few snapshots of my 2 year old son with the baby? Yes of course!
What about a few photos with all four of us?
You will receive 25 photos you may pick whatever you want for your newborn session and split it up however you want. Some folks pick 20 newborn photos and 2-5 parents and 1-2 siblings children or buy an extra 10 or the entire session. You can decide later I take a ton of photos you have 3 hours for your photo session. I photograph your newborn at the beginning on the beanbag, then props, then family last.
– We don’t need the maternity session, so would the best bet be to book you for the newborn session only? yes you should book only newborn if you don’t want maternity but I do maternity if you possibly can because I am a Mom of 2 and going on 40 looking back I wish I would have taken the money and time to have done my maternity pictures with at least 1 of my children. I never did and regret it always. I have not even 1 professional picture.
– It looks like we would get the digital copies/rights to the photos with your newborn package. Is that correct?
Yes you get a digital copyright release with all my packages come with to print at any location at any sizes with no restrictions. There are no hidden fees.
We were stuck paying the previous photographer for every single print we wanted, and it really added up and priced us out quickly.
– We are due with baby girl end of July. My son was late, but who knows with this the next one. When do you recommend for booking time?
For newborns I book will give you 2-3 weekends around your due date in case you go early or late to be safe this way you are guaranteed a weekend date. I just ask if you can’t use 1 of those weekends say if you don’t go early you can tell me that same week so I can book it for those waiting in line to book it next. I will be talking to you that last few weeks after you talk to your OB to hear how your appointments are progressing along which gives me a rough idea how to schedule my other sessions around you.
Usually you do these in the first 10 days of life?

That is correct I normally do newborn pictures before the 1st 14 days as soon I can possibly get you in. The average baby that comes into my studio though is around 5-9 days if you look at my blog. I don’t want newborns to come too early or too late. Past 14 days it very hard to keep them sleeping in tight poses.

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