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Currently I am running a “SPRING” SALE   from now till June 2014.  I lowered my 1 hour price so I can book 2  – 1 baby portraits in one day.

My prices are changed on my prices page:http://lesliestyler.com/prices.html.

If you are looking to book from now till June I am booking, each month I book newborns and baby session in my studio. If you are looking to do outdoor photos I do them during the cooler months not during the summer because when people are sweating outside they aren’t happy for their photos nor are the children. I prefer to ask my clients to wait a few months till it’s cooler. That’s why I love having the option of the inside cooler air conditioned studio during the 115 degree summers especially for babies under 1 year old.

Baby portraits I have baby diaper covers, headbands, fur rugs, things to prop your baby up etc.  You are welcome to bring as much as you want.

I love to help you before your session as much as I can to help customize your clothing to match your babies photos.

Openings for the next few months

April —— 2 spots newborn photography session3 spots- 1 hour photography session
May—— 2 spots newborn photography session- 3 spots -hour photography session
June —— 4 spots newborn photography session4 spots hour photography session

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