Chris Styler – Author for famous Cooks & Producer {Gilbert Headshot Photographer}

My husband’s Uncle Chris Styler from New Jersey that now lives in New York. He came to Arizona for  a visit and I asked him if he wouldn’t mind I  practiced shooting a few head shots of him. It was fun but after I saw all my mistakes and wanted to retake them. He was leaving so we didn’t have the chance. Here are some quick ones I snapped. I accidentally forgot to ask him not to wear strips. Stripes is a big no no in photos.  Is a  author for famous people like Lidia. She has a cooking TV show called Lidia’s Italy.

journalism/food writing

Food Arts Magazine:

Tough Love (winner in the 2007 Association of Food Journalists’ Awards Competition)

Plotting to Shoot the Chef

More Bang for Your Banquet

Art:(sci)2 x tech = taste (winner in the 2005 Association of Food Journalists’ Awards Competition)

Plowing Toward Utopia

television appearances

Toasted Orzo and Radish Salad (iVillage Live)

Tuscan Lunch (iVillage Live)

A Super Bowl of Chili (iVillage Live)

Queso Fundido (iVillage Live)

Warm Shrimp and Asparagus Salad (iVillage Live)

Pasta Classics (Lidia’s Italian American Kitchen)

Stovetop Smokin’ (Sara’s Secrets)

Culinary Producer/Other TV

Culinary Producer

  1. Daisy Cooks!
  2. • Viva Daisy!
  3. Lidia’s Italian-American Kitchen
  4. Joanne Weir’s Cooking Class
  5. • Lidia’s Italian Table
  6. • Savor the Southwest
  7. • America’s Test Kitchen (Season 1)
  8. A LaCarte Communications

Consulting Chef

  1. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution
  2. Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home

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