How to create a Pinterest Pin it button on your site

How to get a Pinterest Button on your blog or website    . A good friend asked me today how to create this on her site. I hope this helps more people and you all can pin this to your Pinerest to help others as well! This is going to be really valuable to bring traffic to your site. Start pinning my friends, Pinerest has been bringing more traffic than Facebook lately. It used to be opposite for me.


1. Click this site to create the Pinterest button

2. Put your information in the lines that are circled then click the “built it”

3. Scroll down on the page and where it says  “Insert the Link” and then Copy the code by clicking the paragraph then Copy (command c)

4. Go into your blog click the text tab  the right of the visual tab in Prophoto

5.  paste this code at the very bottom of your post

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