Retiring from Toddlers for outside photography not STUDIO| Phoenix family Photographer

I am sad to say that I am retiring from taking portraits of toddlers ages 2-5 years old outside photography not for studio. I might do holiday mini sessions still I haven’t decided yet. I know my clients love these holiday mini sessions and I love seeing my clients. Since I have Over the past 3+ years I become specialized  as a newborn and baby photographer that’s where I will be focusing my attention. My niche found me, I wasn’t searching they just came like an avalanche at me when I opened my studio, as the years have gone one these sweet tiny little newborns and I have learned to bond and now I realized that I am going to focus and hone all my attention, skill and talent on babies. I want to become one of the best and to do that I need to stay busy with just newborns and babies.  I do love children all ages and sad to make this announcement. I have a toddler myself  2.5 year old and a boy  who is 5 year.

If you want to do family pictures and want to hire me to do group shots of the whole family together I don’t mind doing that from time to time, but can only do 1 individual picture of a child not many.

Thank you to all my clients who have hired me all these years I appreciate your devotion these past 5 years from hiring me, referring, and being loyal to my business. If you want me to refer you to some great portrait photographers I have a handful of a few best close pro photographers I just love who I can recommend that will give you the same quality service and treat you just as kind as I would. Email me and I will send them to you


I am however offering new and exciting baby packages, I haven’t announced them all yet – keep your eye open they will be coming soon!

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