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I have been doing a makeover my studio a ton lately from the look of the inside, props, to changing the colors & style of my blankets. It is all still very similar to what it was before if you are looking to hire me everything you see on my site  is still  the same but I have added a ton of new things. This is something really exciting for me because I have been in business for 4.5 years and growing steadily every year. I opened this studio up in 2.6 yrs ago. This is something I wanted to do for a long time and put all my money toward equipment first that I bought in. I wanted my clients to have quality pictures over what props, etc I had. I am still adding more new equipment each year.

I am posting a ton of my new props for all my newborn clients coming in the next few months, this should help you prepare. As well as help other photographer friends that might be in the market for new props as well.

Selling a huge bucket of props, backgrounds etc. If your interested let me know.

Sew Whimsey is on etsy
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This sweet light green is made from the amazing Beautiful Ewe on

This precious hat is made from a really nice gal from etsy shop ChildCrochet

NEW backgrounds for the newborn baby’s coming into my studio, I am trying to add more girlish colors as well.
I bought this new couch and plan on putting more prints up there. Trying to make the environment beautiful and elegant at the same time. We will see how it goes. Eventually I need a way bigger space, I have outgrown this one by far!

 When I am done I will take some pictures so you all can see, keep your eyes peeled!

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