Phoenix Children’s photographer

My 2 year old is going throw terrible two’s. I thought this was a perfect way to show how she is acting. If you tell her something she doesn’t like. LOL this is what you get!

I have to show you a few outtakes of how well my children sit for me taking their pictures. It’s so funny one looks so sweet, smiling at the camera for about 2 seconds and then they switch back and forth. I have tons and tons of patience with other people’s children when I am photographing them but when it comes to mine, my patience isn’t super long. After about an hour I am done!

I have been changing my style lately completely to bring a new and fresh look to my work.


THESE PHOTOS BELOW ARE UNEDITED STRAIGHT OUT OF MY CAMERA—— just for my clients to see that photographing a 2 year they don’t hold still!  I will post the final good one in a few days~!

A finished photo



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