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I created this for families I had a few people email me over the years asking about doing different stages for baby’s ages. I created a list of the links from all the baby photo sessions I have done through the years. From 1 month old all the way up to 1 year old baby.  From 4 -12 weeks  your baby can’t sit up, or be in all those cute newborn poses you see on my site. But we can prop them up on their side. They won’t sleep long and will wake up if we try to move them around into different poses. Unless there is a rare baby that still sleeps all day and sleeps hard that doesn’t mind being moved around while sleeping. Because the babies are older and put on more weight they aren’t as flexible from ages 4 -12 weeks. From ages 12 months and under I do charge for a normal newborn package because from my experience the sessions still take hours. From feeding, changing the baby to changing the backgrounds.
1 month:

2 & 3 year old :

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