My daughter’s best friend came in from Seattle Washington and her Mom and Dad last weekend I had the chance to babysit her while they attended a funeral.

The girls played and my son for hours. At the end I knew they were going crazy bored in the house they were trying to make a little fort with the ottoman . I ran upstairs grabbed sheets, pillows, a huge old bed spread, flashlights, snacks, drinks. They were telling scary stories and funny ones too. I loved listening to their 5-8 year old little voices.  They had such a great time under the tent for over an hour till  her parents came. Karen is one of my best friends. They moved here last year and our girls went to Kindergarten together. I was so sad when they moved back to Seattle but happy for them they were able to move back near her family. It’s nice A. can grow up near family that is so very important.

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October is Full – October 18th is my only opening – except – Newborn mini sessions

Fall Mini Sessions are open- please see my Fall photography session blog post for
November – is open for booking newborn and Fall booking

Newborn Mini photography sessions during the week are filling up as well spaces are limited in October but I can take on 1-2 more.

November I have more opens more for Newborn mini.

Newborn  photography is getting limited this fall there only 1 space available in October and possibly 2 in November.
December is more open – 2 open

February and March you can start to book in November for those spots soon!


Baby photography sessions for 1 hour or mini sessions are open email me for details or call.


We were having good days and bad too. But I swear buy this these essential oils.   I did lots of research on the net and found these two oils help to shrink the cancer in dogs.

The days I couldn’t find this bottle our dog Shire would not be feeling well. The days I used a few drops on her head she was doing good, she looked normal, acted normal etc. I also bought another bottle of something else I read too if you want I can tell you as well. I am telling you lost the bottle for the past week and she went really bad down hill fast. But also I know when it’s time is up it is. Frankincense is suppose to help  for migraines, tooth decay, frankincense oil with baking soda. . You can read about it for pains. It’s only $10. It’s worth trying I feel.




Fall open dates for booking newborn, baby and family photography.

Open dates

October : 10/10,18

Waiting list : 10/17 or 10/25

November:  11/18,15,22,29
December 12/6,13,20

Schedule times:

Studio Saturday  12:30-3:30pm
Studio Sunday 2:30-3:30pm
Outdoor Photography- Saturday or Sunday
I have had a couple inquires about Santa Portraits and Santa returning to my studio again this year. Please email if you are interested. I would need to know ahead to book a Santa he gets booked up very fast.
Serving Phoenix area, East Valley, Chandler, Tempe, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale.


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