Phoenix Newborn Sessions

Booking a newborn session

  • When are you due?
  • What exact dates are you looking to book?
  • Can you come during the week?
The difference between booking on the weekend vs weekdays is
1. Weekdays you have more options to get in during the week because I only book 1-2 a week.
2. Weekends I book just Saturday’s .
I try my best to get your baby in days 7-9 because this is the best days for those tight curled poses that. After days 14 your baby starts to wake up more and you get less poses. Still beautiful photos just less options the older they get.
If you know months ahead of time that helps when you are booking. But if you don’t know and are booking last minute I can get you in as well. Right now I am booked out for a few months and booking into March and April for openings.

When booking family photos for a newborn session it is best to have your family photos taken either before or after the newborn photos if you have little ones whichever works best for you. Natural light is a little darker for family photos in the studio during the morning and is best in the after 12pm.

I am going to send you another email about newborn preparation as far as more details about the session. Please read the PDF and make sure this is what you would like to do as far as having your children in the studio during a 2-4 hour session.

Baby’s 1st birthday photos
  • unlimited backgrounds
  • You have 1 hour for photography and an extra 15 minute to change clothing & taking a break if your baby is fussy,  this is outside the hour of photography.
  • Unlimited Props- such as baskets, stools, chairs, etc.
Weekdays or weekends are available.
Weekdays receive $10 off
January is booking and almost full. If you are looking to have your baby’s 1st birthday photos or cake smash photography taken. Email me at, 480-254-4595
Newborn photography sessions are filling up as well. There is only 1-2 spots open for January and February and March are the busiest months of the year for photos.
Our studio offers unlimited props. Parents and siblings are included in the full sessions and there is a an add-on for parents in the mini newborn sessions.
If you have any questions email or call me.
Weekday sessions are from 9:30-1pm.
Saturday- 10:30-2:30pm
Sunday 1-3pm
B a b y   1 s t   Y r
D i s c o u n t s