Zennoma and her husband came to my studio to have pregnancy photos taken. I used natural light on some of her pictures and studio on the dark background. If you like the studio photography pictures make sure to tell me ahead of time so I can have the studio light set up for your session.  It was a lot of fun meeting and talking with this beautiful couple. They were super easy going and very sweet. I am excited to photograph their newborn in August for them.

phoenix pregnacy photographer

Mom’s Beware of Animal Babies made by Jakks Pacific.
Include different things: Deluxe baby have more
1. Bottle to feed them just like a real baby
2. Cookie
3. Pacifier
Why are these different than a normal stuffed animal? Because they made their heads to be BIG just like a real baby. The stuffed animal  makes the cutest little noises and sleeps too.
If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift for a little girl and have tons of dolls these little stuffed animals your child will love.
From time to time I let my daughter to look at toys on #amazon and she saves them to her “wish list” for Christmas and birthday. BIG mistake Mom in the summer when she is bored. Look who won this one this time. I made the 2nd mistake of allowing her to watch the youtube video of how cute they are. After she bought it she hasn’t put it down for 2 days straight and has to sleep with him too.  Now she wants them all because they made them to hold hands.
Let me tell you these are a hot item right now and there was only 1 tiger and 1 fox left in Target. We couldn’t even find anymore in the entire store. Normally I order everything from Amazon Prime only 1. it is faster in 2 days and I save a TON of time not having to drive to the store stand in long lines and waste my gas. However she had to have this guy that same day so we had to drive to Target to buy it that day. She won’t stop bugging me all day long after she saw the video. She is in love.

Animal Babies -Tiger, Fox, Snow leopard, Chimpanzee, Husky,  Monkey, Kitten-

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animal baby plush


June through August I am running a baby sale for .

Is your baby turning 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, 4 months,  to 1 year.  This weekend I have a last minute opening sale

I have 2 last minute opening for this weekend because 2 newborns were will be born next week. These prices are discounted
If you would like a photos email me at leslie@lesliestyler.com

1 hour session
Family $350 – 25 pictures.
Baby – $275 – 25 pictures.

baby $250 – 20 pictures
Times available
Saturday : 5:30pm-6:30pm – outside
Sunday studio 1-2pm or outside
Sunday studio 5:00pm-6pm – outside



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Maternity Mini Photography Studio Session $149

30 Minutes

15 images

digital download

Print release

Maternity pregnancy Mini photo sessions are on sale right now.


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6/7 – 1 day


Are you pregnant at weeks 32-36 week ? This is the best time to have your maternity photos taken. You will be able to cherish these pregnancy photos forever because this only happens once during your lifetime. I would love to capture this special time for you.


B a b y   1 s t   Y r
D i s c o u n t s